We are here to assist and help you, and we offer you the lowest price for a membership of an academic unemployment insurance fund. Only 444 DKK a month. 

Our goal is to help our members into employment. Thus, our finest task is to help you find a job.

We have Denmark’s lowest price for an academic unemployment insurance fund, and we offer services tailored to your requirements. At the same time, we provide you with access to academic jobs, networking opportunities and legal guidance.

We have an in-depth insight into the academic labour market and your job opportunities. As a member, you can:

  • receive unemployment benefits
  • receive individual advising sessions and career guidance
  • attend free courses focusing on your personal competences and how they match the current needs of the job market
  • attend free workshops
  • be matched with relevant academic jobs
  • receive vacation benefits
  • become part of the early retirement benefit program.


Should you become unemployed, a membership with us entitles you to unemployment benefits. See how much our members receive in unemployment benefits (in Danish).

You are always welcome to call us if you have any questions.

Akademikernes A-kasse’s English language policy

Our information regarding application procedures and our introductional information concerning unemployment is available in English. Other than that, all correspondence from Akademikernes A-kasse will be in Danish. Thus, please note that it is your own responsibility to translate any letters or decisions you may receive from us.

If you need help understanding our letters, the rules or requirements, you are welcome to call us. We will try to find an English speaking employee for you to speak with.

Requirements for becoming a member

In order to become a member of Akademikernes A-kasse, you need to:

  • have residence and/or work in Denmark
  • have an academic degree or attend an academic education of at least 18 months’ duration

If you meet the conditions for membership, your membership start date will be set to the date you apply for membership online.

You apply by using our online membership service.

Requirements for receiving unemployment benefits

If you are not a Danish citizen, you must have a valid Danish residence and work permit in order to get unemployment benefits from Akademikernes A-kasse. The permit must be valid through the whole period for which you seek benefits, and also give you the right to work full-time (i.e. 37 hours per week).

For more information on residence and work permits, please contact:

Udlændingeservice - The Danish Immigration Service, Ryesgade 53, 2100 København Ø, phone.: 35 36 66 00,

Joining as a student

As a student, you can become a member of Akademikernes A-kasse free of charge.

One year of student membership will make you eligible for unemployment benefits from the day after you have finished your education.

Read more about free student membership.

Joining as a new graduate

As a new graduate, you can join Akademikernes A-kasse within the first 14 days of your graduation. You will then receive the special ‘new graduate privileges’, which entitle you to unemployment benefits one month after completing your education.

Read more about joining as a new graduate.

Joining as a Ph.D.

You have different options as a Ph.D. student:

1. Keep your membership

If you are already a member of Akademikernes A-kasse prior to beginning your Ph.D. studies, you can keep your membership during the study period. In this case, you will be entitled to benefits if you become unemployed, should you for some reason not complete your Ph.D. studies.

Should you choose to keep your membership with Akademikernes A-kasse during your Ph.D. study period, and you complete your studies, you will be able to choose whether you will keep your status as an employee or change it to that of a new graduate.

2. Membership as a new graduate

You can become a member of Akademikernes A-kasse as a new graduate when you have completed your Ph.D. studies. You will be entitled to unemployment benefits at ‘graduate rate’ (in Danish).

Remember the important 14-day rule.

3. Membership as an employee

At least one year before the date of completion of your Ph.D. studies, it is possible to register as an employee. You can gain membership from the date you start your Ph.D. studies and as of the date we receive your application. Then you are entitled to unemployment benefit at ‘employee rate’ (in Danish).

Joining as a self-employed professional

In order to join Akademikernes A-kasse as a self-employed, you must have an academic degree.

If you meet the conditions for membership, your membership start date will be set to the date on which you apply online for a membership.

Unemployment benefits as a self-employed

If you decide to end your self-employment altogether, you will be entitled to benefits after one year of membership, provided you have worked on a full-time basis for a period of at least 12 months to fulfill the income criteria, which is minimum 238.512 kr. (2020) within a year of membership. We will ask you to fill out a special form Erklæring om omfang af arbejde i selvstændig virksomhed (AK030) to see if your work as a self-employed can fulfill the income criteria.


Read more about unemployment benefits and current rates.

Transfer to Akademikernes A-kasse from another unemployment insurance fund

You can always transfer your membership from another unemployment insurance fund to Akademikernes A-kasse. You can keep your earned rights to unemployment benefits from day one.

When transferring to Akademikernes A-kasse, you need to apply for the transfer from the day you graduate, and you need to apply by using our standard application form.

If you are a new graduate, you have to choose between membership with graduate rights or membership with the rights you have earned at your previous insurance fund.

You cannot change this decision at a later point in time, so you must consider it carefully.

You are always welcome to call us if you have any questions.

Payment of membership fee, bank, cvr no. (the Central Business Register) and invoicing

Direct debit service (Betalingsservice)

You can register to the Direct debit service and pay your membership fee automatically every quarter. If you are not already registered at the Direct debit service, you can do so here: “Tilmeld betalingsservice”. Remember to pay the first bill manually.

Bank information

If you need to pay by bank transfer, please use the following account: 5078 and account no. 1023051

If you live abroad

Use the following account if you live abroad:

Jyske Bank
IBAN no.: DK 66 50 78 00 01 02 30 51