New graduate

You have certain special rights regarding unemployment benefits as a new graduate. Remember the important 14-day rule.

In the eyes of the unemployment system, you are a new graduate when you have finished your studies, i.e. taken your last exam.

In order to receive unemployment benefits, it is important that you inform us about your graduation. Within 14 days of your last exam, you have to register as a ‘new graduate member’ of Akademikernes A-kasse. Read more about the important 14 days deadline.

As a new graduate and a member of Akademikernes A-kasse, you will receive unemployment benefits at graduate rates. This is a lower amount compared to what other unemployed members receive. This aside, you have the same rights and obligations as all other members.

You also have access to Akademikernes A-kasse’s services in the same way as other members. This applies to our workshops and other events, individual advice, help with job searching etc.

If you are unemployed and want to apply for unemployment benefits, you can read more about what to do in our guide to newly unemployed.

The important 14-day deadline

You must register with Akademikernes A-kasse as a recent graduate no later than 14 days following the completion of your studies. You do that by filling in the form Skift medlemsstatus fra studerende til nyuddannet.

The 14-day deadline is important in regards to your right to receive unemployment benefit as a new graduate. If you do not meet the 14-day deadline, you will not be able to receive unemployment benefit as a new graduate. Consequently, you need to fulfill a income criteria which is a minumum of DKK 238.512 (2020) within a year in order to be eligible for benefits and been a member for 1 year before you can receive unemployment benefit. You can only compute a maximum of DKK 19.876 (2020) per month in a membership period.

The 14 day deadline always applies when you register as a new graduate. "Always" means regardless of whether you are a new member or is a student member.

Your graduate rights

When you register as a graduate, you have some special rights:

You can receive unemployment benefits even if you have never been a member of an unemployment benefit scheme before. You can obtain unemployment benefits from one month after completing your studies. The month with no unemployment benefits is known as quarantine.

If you have been a member of Akademikernes A-kasse for one year before completing your studies, you can obtain unemployment benefits from the day after you complete your studies, meaning you will avoid the quarantine.

Ending your education

Your education is considered finished:

  • When student activities have stopped, you have received your final grade and passed your exams
  • If your certificate is issued when the student activities have ended, then the date of sending the degree certificate will be considered the date of ending your education
  • If your education ends with a thesis or final (major) paper, the education can be considered ended already at the time when an advanced approval is received from your examiner or adviser. It is required that all grades have been awarded and all student activities have stopped. Student activities include participating in tutorials, exams or defending a thesis etc.

If you have a student job

If you resign your position, you will be subject to 3 weeks suspension, during which time, you do not have the right to claim unemployment benefits.

This rule also applies if you have a student job after you graduate. In order to avoid a quarantine, you should not only have resigned but also have had your last day of work before applying for membership of Akademikernes A-kasse.

If you are a student member, you should not only have resigned but also left the place of employment, before you finish your studies in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Please contact Akademikernes A-kasse for further information if you consider leaving your position.

If you choose to continue your student job after ending your education, it may still be possible to claim partial benefits.

Conditions for applying for membership

In order to be admitted in an unemployment insurance fund as a new graduate, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • You have had residency in Denmark no later than from the day prior to starting your education in Denmark
  • The education had a duration of minimum 18 months or is scheduled for 3 semesters of 6 months each
  • You are a resident in Denmark by the time you complete your education or no later than 2 weeks after completion of your education.

Your citizenship influences your right to receive benefits

You do not need a Danish citizenship to become a member of Akademikernes A-kasse. However, the status of your residence and work permit after graduation will have an impact on whether you can receive benefits or not. The Immigration Service will typically be able to help you determine your specific status.

EU citizens can apply for benefits

With an EU residency and work permit for 6 month after you finish your education, you can apply for unemployment benefits in Denmark if you are unemployed after you have finished your education.

Receive unemployment benefits from day 1

If you are entitled to unemployment benefits without the quarantine because you have already been a member of the unemployment benefit scheme for at least one year, you must ensure you register with a job centre the day after you have completed your studies.

This way, you will be able to receive unemployment benefits from day 1 after your studies. You must then register with Akademikernes A-kasse as a new graduate within 14 days.

New members can receive unemployment benefits a month after the last exam

If you are subject to quarantine, the 14-day deadline is the first deadline you must meet. You must then sign up as unemployed with your job centre the day after having completed your 1 month quarantine. This way, you can receive benefits from the day you are eligible to get them. You can also sign up later and then start receiving the benefits from the day you register as unemployed in the job centre. 

Secure your unemployment benefits in case of a study break

You can sign up as a new graduate on the basis of a completed bachelor degree. This ensures that you are entitled to unemployment benefits - without the qualifying month - if you discontinue your master's studies before graduation. Securing your right to unemployment benefits in this way will be valid for two years.

We have collected the rules and deadlines you need to know in your transition from student to graduate