Salary insurance

With salary insurance you will, for a period of time, be able to get more than the standard unemployment benefits. We collaborate with TopDanmark.

Salary insurance is a supplemental private insurance you can use at times of unemployment. With salary insurance, you can get as much as 90 percent of your previous salary - including unemployment benefits and other benefits - for a year. There is a maximum of DKK 40.000 per month in addition to your unemployment benefits.

The salary insurance will take effect, if you are:

  • laid off
  • unemployed due to illness
  • unemployed due to an accident

The salary insurance will not take effect if you resign or if you are laid off due to fraud.

If you want to know more about your options, call TopDanmark on 44 74 35 50 or learn more about salary insurance on TopDanmark's website.

Cheaper salary insurance for members of Djøf, IDA and Maskinmestrenes Forening

Djøf, IDA og Maskinmestrenes Forening have made independent arrangements with TopDanmark regarding salary insurance. If you are a member of one of these organisations, you should buy the insurance through them.

Learn more about Djøfs, IDAs and Maskinmestrenes Forening's salary insurance.

If you are eligible for membership of IDA or Maskinmestrenes Forening (without currently being a member), you can get further information, calculate your possible coverage and learn about what they offer by visiting TopDanmark's website.