LinkedIn (English)

Get better at managing your online CV and using LinkedIn actively in your job search

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Tidspunkt: 12. mar 2020 09:00 - 12:00
Mødested:København V


Description: Your LinkedIn profile is probably the single-most important social media tool to attract recruiters and employers today. At this workshop, we will introduce LinkedIn as a job seeking media, give you inspiration on how to use LinkedIn proactively and improve your profile, visit the latest trends on the media and help harness and improve your networking skills. We will have a hands-on approach to working on your LinkedIn profile - i.e., how to build your profile, get recommendations and build your network. There will be a short presentation mixed with knowledge sharing and practical tips. You will also get ideas from other participants and the opportunity to share your best experiences with them. Focus: • Who uses LinkedIn and for what? • How do you actively use LinkedIn in your job search? • How do you build a good profile and a good summary on LinkedIn? Goal: Get tools to improve your LinkedIn profile and thus improve your options for getting employed. Bring: Your own computer. NB: This workshop is for all members (Danish and English speakers) whose job search is international and whose corporate language of choice English.