Newly unemployed

As a newly unemployed you have to inform your local job centre about your status and apply for unemployment benefits with us.

At Akademikernes A-kasse, we are responsible for paying you your unemployment benefits. We also place great emphasis on giving you the best foundation for finding a job as soon as possible.

There are a number of things you need to do in order to receive benefits and get started in your job search. We have put together a guide to help you through your first couple of weeks as an unemployed academic.

If you are a new graduate, other rules and rights apply.

We communicate via

All letters from Akademikernes A-kasse will be sent to your personal inbox in our self-service portal. When you receive mail in your inbox, you get a notification email. It is therefore important that you keep your personal email address updated in the self-service portal.

If you click on “Log på” in the upper right hand side of our webpage, you can log on to our self-service portal.

Learn more about the rules of unemployment by reading our guide “Understanding the rules”.

1.      Create your CV at

You have to announce that you are unemployed at, and you need to remain signed up as unemployed in order to receive benefits.

Within the first week as unemployed, you must create your own CV at We will look at your CV and approve it. If you do not hear from us, your CV is approved.

We will also use your CV on to find jobs that are relevant for you. So it is important to keep your CV updated at all times.

2.      Fill in an unemployment form in our self-service portal

To be eligible for benefits, you need to fill in and send a declaration of unemployment (ledighedserklæring) for employees or for new graduates to us as soon as possible.

We will receive information about your income from the Danish income register.

3.      Actively look for jobs from day 1 of your unemployment

You must actively look for a job from day 1 during your unemployment. You must apply for 1-2 jobs per week. This means that you need to apply for a least 6 jobs over a 4 week period.

If there are not enough jobs within your own field, you need to expand your search.

Keep your Job log updated

You have to register all of your job search activities in Jobloggen in our self-service portal. You have to update it on a weekly basis.

Jobloggen is a shared tool that you, we and your local job centre can view. We use Jobloggen as the basis for our meetings, to support your job hunting. 

4.      Fill in “Min JobProfil”

In our self-service portal, you find Min Jobprofil. Here you can describe your qualifications and job preferences. The qualifications you describe within “Min Jobprofil” will be used to match you with job openings in our Jobportal.

5.      Book a welcome meeting

Within the first 14 days of registering as unemployed you have to attend a welcome meeting. Book a welcome meeting.


6.      Understanding the rules

You probably have many questions about the rules and job search, therefore we have collected all the rules you need to know when you are unemployed in the guide Understanding the rules


7.      Book career meetings, workshops and events

While unemployed, you must attend regular meetings at both your local job centre and Akademikernes A-kasse. At some of the meetings with your job centre, you will also meet one of our consultants.

You can book a career meeting whenever you need it. If you do not book any meetings, we will invite you to a meeting when we find it necessary. You can book a meeting through our self-service portal. Here you can also book workshops and events.