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Here you will find frequently asked questions, issues, and our best solutions.

I am having issues when logging in with NemID.

It is our experience that some internet providers’ security packages can cause issues when logging in with NemID on aka.dk – Also if you successfully log in at first.

Try allowing aka.dk as a trusted website, and remember to accept all cookies.

The error can also occur if your NemID or public digital signature associated with your NemID has expired. To check whether your NemID has expired, go to nemid.nu or borger.dk


Issues when attaching files.

When you attach files on aka.dk, whether that is under form completion, uploading a resume, application material, or other relevant documents, you can encounter some known issues.

If you cannot attach the desired documents, please check if your file has 60 or more characters. Files named with 60 or more characters cannot be attached and should therefore be renamed.

Please also check if your file size is larger than 4 MB. If that is the case, you will see the following error:


This is solved by compressing your PDF file. Try googling “Compress PDF” and choosing one of the first non-ad options. Now, upload and compress your PDF file, check if it is now below 4 MB and is still the same file. Use and upload this PDF instead.


I am being logged off as soon as I log in.

The error occurs because the time settings on your computer/mobile/tablet are wrong. It has to be set to Danish time and time zone.

Tip for Windows users:

1. Right-click on the time/clock in the lower right corner of your screen.

2. Click “Adjust time and date”.

3. Make sure that automatic time and time zone are enabled.

4. Synchronize and confirm the correct time zone.


I get an error whenever I fill out a form.

Usually, this is caused by a session error. Sometimes, if you take too long filling out the forms you are logged out (in the background) and when you continue to the next page you are already logged out and then you get the error. It can also be a connectivity issue.

Solution: Before you continue to the next page, open a new page and log in to MitAKA.dk again, then continue. Optionally, try to reset cookies or try incognito.

Another solution is to write your text in advance of opening the form and then pasting it to the relevant boxes. This saves time and makes sure your stay logged in.

Also see: “Issues when attaching files”.


I have lost my NemID or my password.

For safety- and GDPR-reasons, it is not possible for us to reset or send passwords to our members.

We suggest you contact Citizen Service (Borgerservice) to receive a new NemID. When you have your NemID, again you can change your password if you wish.


Error: “Mangler login parameter” when filling out a form.

Also see: "I get an error whenever I fill out a form" and ”Issues when attaching files".


I don’t receive emails from Aka or MitAKA.

It is possible that our emails end up in your spam/junk folder in your email client.

Below are steps to fix this issue on Outlook, Gmail, Mail on Mac, and iCloud accordingly.


Open Outlook on your computer. Click the ’Home’-tab.

1. Click on “Junk mail”

2. Choose ’Settings for junk mail.

3. Click “Trusted senders” or “Senders who are trusted”

4. Click “Add” and add @aka.dk

Another way is to simply find our email in your junk/spam folder, right-click an email from us and move it from junk/spam to your inbox.


The following link includes a guide on how to fix the issue on Gmail:



Mail on Mac

Scroll down to the bottom of the following link. 




Scroll to the bottom of the following link.



How do I create a new password to log in?

If you wish to create a new password that can be used to log in with your social security number instead of your NemID you have to do the following:

  • Login to MitAKA with NemID.
  • Press the button “Opret/ret kodeord” or “Create/edit password”.
  • Enter your new password twice, accept, and now your new password can be used to log in with your social security number.


I cannot reschedule or cancel my meeting.

If you are booked for an obligatory meeting, you cannot reschedule or cancel your meeting. If you wish to reschedule your meeting, you can contact our booking department on phone number +45 3395 0395.


How do I unsubscribe to your jobmatch emails?

Contact us on MitAKA or call us on +45 3395 0395 to unsubscribe to jobmatch emails.


Where can I see scheduled interviews?

You can see appointments you have entered into with AKA as well as Jobcenteret via “My Plan” (“Min Plan”) on jobnet.dk.


How do I log onto MitAKA if I use the NemID hardware?

Unfortunately, you cannot, as MitAKA does not support it.

To get around this, however, you can create a temporary NemID keycard login (via. Nemid.nu), log into my Aka with that login, and create a personal code on MitAKA.dk.

Now you can always log in with your new password and social security number.

Also see: “How do I create a new password to login?”


I did not confirm my account logging in the first time.

This issue is usually solved by using another device such as your phone or another computer. Also, try logging in via incognito.