Become a member as newly graduated

Apply for membership no later than 14 days after your last exam in order to secure your rights regarding unemployment benefits as a new graduate. It is also important if you have a job on hand.  

In the eyes of the unemployment system, you are a new graduate when you have finished your studies, i.e. taken your last exam. Within 14 days of your last exam, you have to apply for membership of Akademikernes A-kasse as ‘new graduate’.

The importance of the 14-day deadline

The 14-day deadline is important in regards to your right to receive unemployment benefit as a new graduate. If you do not meet the 14-day deadline, you will not be able to receive unemployment benefit as a new graduate. Consequently, you need to be a member for one year and fulfill an income criteria which is a minumum of DKK 243.996 (2021) within the last 3 years in a period of memebership of an unemployment insurance fund. You can only compute a maximum of DKK 20.333 (2021) per month. 

You also have to apply for unemployment benefits

When you fullfill the 14-day deadline you can get unemployment benefit as a new graduate 1 month + one day after your last exam. The month with no unemployment benefits is known as quarantine. If you have been a member as student for at least one year before completing your education read about the other rules for you.

It is not enough to apply for membership to get unemployment benefits as new graduate. You also have to

  • register as unemployed at 1 month + 1 day after your last examn
  • To apply for benefits by filling in the form Ledighedserklæring (declaration of unemployment). 

Requirements for applying for membership

In order to be admitted in an unemployment insurance fund as a new graduate, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • You have had residency in Denmark no later than from the day prior to starting your education in Denmark
  • The education had a duration of minimum 18 months or is scheduled for 3 semesters of 6 months each
  • You are a resident in Denmark by the time you complete your education or no later than 2 weeks after completion of your education.

Have you also studied in another country?

Special requirements apply if you:

  • Have transferred credits from a foreign education to shorten a bachelor or master's degree in Denmark, or
  • Have transferred credits so you do not have to participate in all the exams or courses at the university where you are studying in Denmark 

Your citizenship influences your right to receive benefits

You do not need a Danish citizenship to become a member of Akademikernes A-kasse. However, the status of your residence and work permit after graduation will have an impact on whether you can receive benefits or not. The Immigration Service will typically be able to help you determine your specific status.

EU citizens can apply for benefits

With an EU residency and work permit for 6 month after you finish your education, you can apply for unemployment benefits in Denmark if you are unemployed after you have finished your education.

You are new graduate when getting the last grade

There are several ways you can finish your studies:

  • An oral exam where you defend your thesis or bachelor project
  • A thesis or bachelor project. In this case the date of your last exam is when your supervisor and examiner have signed a pre-approval or you have obtained your grade

It is a requirement that all grades have been awarded and all student activities have stopped. Student activities include participating in tutorials, exams or defending a thesis etc.

If you have a student job

You can continue with your student job part-time when you are unemployed. In that case, you can apply for supplementary unemployment benefits. You do this by stating that you will continue in a part time job, when you fill out the ledighedserklæring (your unemployment benefit application).

If, on the other hand, you are considering quitting your student job, it is important that you resign and do so before you finish your studies. You will get a quarantine of 3 weeks, if you quit the job after completing your education. This means that you cannot get unemployment benefits for 3 weeks. Therefore, please contact us well in advance, if you are considering quitting your student job.

Become member as bachelor and secure your benefits

You can be member as a new graduate on the basis of a completed bachelor degree. This ensures that you are entitled to unemployment benefits - without the qualifying month - if you discontinue your master's studies before graduation. Securing your right to unemployment benefits in this way will be valid for two years.