As a student member you have access to free workshops, personal guidance and help applying for jobs.

A free membership of Akademikernes A-kasse opens the doors to personal guidance and help applying for relevant jobs while you study.

If you become a member at least 1 year before your graduation, you will earn the right to receive unemployment benefits starting the day after you graduate.

You can be a member for free for up to 5 years. After that, you have to pay to stay a member.

If you wish to apply for a student membership, you need to tick off the box ”I am a student” on the first page of the application process.

Remember the 14-day rule

In order to receive unemployment benefits when you graduate, you must re-register as a graduate full-time member no later than 14 days after finishing your studies. You do that by filling in the form Skift medlemsstatus fra studerende til nyuddannet.

If you forget this, you will not be able to receive unemployment benefits until you are able to fulfill a income critea which is a minumum of 233.376 (2019) kr. within a year and have been a member for 1 year. You can only compute a maximum of 19.448 kr. per month in a membership period. 

If you have questions about free student membership, call 3395 0395 or send an email to

Conditions of a free student membership

As a student, you can get a free membership if:

  • You are attending a Danish academic study within our academic area
  • Your course of study qualifies for a state education grant (SU)
  • You are under the age of 30
    (Membership is free until age 30. You then automatically switch to being a paying member)
  • Your total annual income does not exceed 233.376 DKK (2019). See section further down
  • The duration of your academic degree needs to be at least 18 months  

You must not receive any other kind of public support (pension, rehabilitation, social security etc.)

Students over 30 years

The free student membership usually ends when you reach 30. However, you can still get free student membership if you:

  • Contribute to the voluntary early retirement scheme (efterløn) and have done so since you reached 30
  • Have worked for at least one year prior to starting your education, and
  • Have at least one year left of your studies

If this is the case, we recommend that you contact us regarding the possibility of getting a free student membership.

Part-time member

If you are a student over 30 and do not qualify for free student membership, we recommend that you register as a part-time member while you have at least one year left to study. Part-time membership costs less than a full-time membership. See our fees (in Danish).

As a part-time member, you avoid the exclusion period laid down in the unemployment benefit system, which otherwise means one month with no income, if you are unemployed immediately after graduating.

Ph.D.’s pay for their membership

If you are a Ph.D. student hired by a Danish employer, you are considered an employee - not a student. Therefore, you have to pay for your membership with Akademikernes A-kasse.

Have you also studied in another country?

In order to become a member of Akademikernes A-kasse as a new graduate, you have to fulfill the requirements. Read more about becoming a member as a new graduate.

Special requirements apply if you:

  • Have transferred credits from a foreign education to shorten a bachelor or master's degree in Denmark, or
  • Have transferred credits so you do not have to participate in all the exams or courses at the university where you are studying in Denmark 

There’s a limit to how much you can earn

If you earn too much, you have to pay for your membership. In 2019, the limit is 233.376 DKK.

The rules regarding income are calculated as an average of your income before taxes over a 12 month period. You should be aware that all taxable income counts. Income from interest or loan or similar does not count.

The 12 month period is not settled by calendar year but over a 12 month period starting from the day your membership is accepted.

If, for instance, you enrolled on the 22nd October, then your first year of income is from October 22nd until October 21st the following year. Any income you earned before you became a member does not count.

If you finish or quit your education in the middle of the period, we do not take into account the earnings you make after the date where you finished or quit your education.

If you quit your studies before you graduate

If you quit your studies before you graduate, you have to start paying for your membership. However, you do not have to pay the membership fee to Akademikernes A-kasse retroactively for the time you have been a free member.

With less than 1 year left of your studies

If you want to apply for membership with less than 1 year left of your studies, the best approach is to sign up within 14 days after you have completed your education. You will then be entitled to receiving unemployment benefits 1 month after you have finished your education.

In this case, you must apply for admission as "Newly graduated" when you join via our application process.

Read more about joining Akademikernes A-kasse as a new graduate.

Finishing your education

Your education is considered completed:

  • When student activities have stopped, you have received your final grade and passed your exams
  • If your certificate is issued when the student activities have ended, then the date of sending the degree certificate will be considered the date of ending education
  • If your education ends with a thesis or major paper, the education can be considered ended already at the time when an advanced approval is received from your examiner and adviser.

It is a requirement that all grades have been awarded and all student activities have stopped. Student activities include participating in tutorials, exams or defending a thesis etc.

If you have a student job

If you choose to continue your student job after finishing your education, you may be able to claim partial benefits.

If you want to quit your student job after you have graduated, you have to both resign and have had your last day of work, before your last exam and before applying for benefits from Akademikernes A-kasse.

Otherwise, you will be subject to 3 weeks suspension, during which time, you do not have the right to claim unemployment benefits.

Please contact Akademikernes A-kasse for further information if you consider resigning your position.